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Welcome to Amyrith

Amyrith is a grounded fantasy roleplaying game.

Its describes the World of Khorum, which is permeated by the strange material Amyrith, which grants the gifted to abilty to reshape reality by the power of their will, but at a cost of their life force.

It tells the story of mortal heros and anti-heroes that struggle to make a mark in the history of the world and fight their own mortality.

Amyrith uses its own dice system, based on D12s, with attributes as dice pools and skills as success thresholds.


Here I try to "track" all the larger changes I make on the wiki...

Basic rules

Under the basic rules you will find the basic rules for playing Amyrith.

See also: Skill Checks and Fumbles, Character Values, Damage and Armor and Toxicity.

The World of Amyrith

This section is dedicated to the world: Khorum, the flora and fauna, the history of Khorum, the Pantheon of Gods and the Countries and Nations, the Languages of Khorum, as well as an insight into the customs of the inhabitants of Khorum.

Character Creation

Under character creation you will find everything you need to know to create a character in the world of Amyrith. A guided process will help you create your character step by step.

See also: Species, Attributes, Skill Packages, Backgrounds and Motivations and Setbacks.

Character Development

Characters advance in levels in Amyrith, but are still free to evolve without classes and further individualize their character through individual talents.

See also: Level advancement, Levels, Feats


Here is a listing of all of Amyrith's skills. This includes both Magic Skills, Knowledge Skills, and Secret Knowledge Skills, as well as a brief description of each skill and an indication of possible specializations.

Combat System

Battles in Amyrith are meant to be fast-paced and, above all, dramatic elements of the narrative. It is especially important that battles do not degenerate into pure dice orgies, but that sufficient space is given to the narrative.

See also: Combat Sequence, Combat Techniques, Combat Maneuvers


The Equipment section covers lists of all weapons (both man-made and natural), armor, and utility items. It also provides insight into a few Magic Items as well as common Alchemical Brews, Poisons, and Remedies.

See also: Melee Weapons, Weaponless Attacks, Range Weapons, Armor, Magical, Alchemy, Everyday Items, Mounts

Magic System

The magic system deals not only with the use of magic in the game, but also with the different ways magic users view magic itself.

See also: The Magic Teachings, Casting a Spell, The Spell Trial, The Drain, Foki

All Primagic Spells, All Shamanistic Spells, All Drachonic Spells, All Druidic Spells, All Clerical Spells, All Guild Magic Spells

Crafting System

The crafting system deals with both upgrading existing equipment, as well as crafting complex or important items that require more time to craft than preparing a midday meal.

Game Material

Under game materials you can find character sheets as well as maps and reference tables.

Game Master Information

Here you will find almost everything you need to run a session of Amyrith.

To Do's

My To Do's